Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sin List

Sin List

Dear Brethren,

While Christians are never sinless, we should be sinning less and less. How is this accomplished? First it is by praying and asking the Lord to open our eyes to the sins in our lives and to give us the strength to overcome these sins.

With this being Easter weekend I think it would be the most suitable time to examine ourselves and our walk.

When is the last time you took a long hard look at yourself and examined the sin in your life? Over the course of this weekend I have been doing a sin inventory on myself. I have prayed and been looking at the top three areas I find myself most vulnerable to falling and failing in.

Each person has certain areas that are an Achilles heel for them. The thing is to examine and find and know where your weakest points are. For me, this has been a bit of a challenge as I have not wanted to admit mine.

So I encourage each reader to do their own sin inventory and spend some time in solitude prayer with the Lord. Pray for open eyes and a renewed heart, to be a vessel fit for Holy and honorable use.

May the Lord keep and sustain you.

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