Monday, February 24, 2014

What is Apocity?

A new book has been released by George Alvarado titled, “Apocity: The Greatest Omission.” This 170 page paperback released in the fall of 2013, addresses what the author believes to be the greatest pandemic within western Christianity. From the back cover, “In this book, George has not only coined a new word to identify a once nameless sin, but he also examines and boldly exposes the greatest pandemic within western Christianity. Packed with biblical references, lively illustrations, and candid refutations, Apocity: The Greatest Omission is a much needed admonition for the modern church.”

This book is written by a Christian to other Christians and addresses one of the key commands given by Jesus Christ to those that profess salvation, the verses known as “The Great Commission.” While non-Christians will not understand the unique perspective the book takes from an evangelistic view on the referenced scriptures, I think these views through the lens of evangelism will be most edifying to the Saints. The book is not a theological treatise on evangelism but a hard hitting, no nonsense; take no prisoner call to examine yourself in the light of the command of Christ to share your faith.

The book gives concise and detailed definitions of what the author defines as Apocity, The Great Omission, and Deceptive Doctrines of Apocity. Besides the author’s pointed explanation of what he defines as one of the greatest sins for Christians, you also leave the book with a feel for the author’s love of Christ, evangelism and the lost.

One portion of the book seemed to stand out to me. The author stated, “When was the last time you heard someone being hated because they were a Christian, but no one heard them profess their faith in some way? Do people just pick someone and say, “Yea, he looks like a Christian, kill’em!” In this reviewer’s opinion, this should give every Christian a moment to pause and ask themselves, “Would anyone know I’m a Christian?”

If you answer no or I don’t know, then the chapter on excuses and the gift of evangelism should be of interest to you. If you answered yes, then these chapters will better equip you to teach other Christians. This is one aspect of the book “Apocity” I found the most helpful and most encouraging. There are many books written on evangelism, but this one goes to great length to help the reader by providing solutions and suggestions to get those in their church family involved in reaching the lost.

While we can’t earn our way to Heaven or ever be good enough or do enough, the book breaks down the specifics of the Fruits of Salvation and how they apply to evangelism for a Christian. It will make you examine yourself if you’re involved in evangelism and ask some hard pointed questions. If you’re a Christian not sharing your faith it will have the effect of making you ask yourself, “Why am I not?”

So the question remains to which I leave to you the reader, is failure to share the gospel a sin? Based on the evidence presented in this book, I would have to say yes.

Apocity can be purchased at Gospel Tract Planet

A free copy of the book was supplied to write this review.

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