Sunday, November 16, 2014

20 Questions

What is the Bible about? Jesus

What do all scriptures point to? Jesus

What is the purpose of life? Jesus

Who died to set men free? Jesus

Who can save you from your sin? Jesus

Who is the only Savior? Jesus

Who was nailed to the cross? Jesus

Who is God? Jesus

Who is talked about in the New and the Old Testament? Jesus

Who is your Master? Jesus

To Whom will all knees bow? Jesus

Who's name do you need to call upon? Jesus

Who requires your repentance and faith? Jesus

Who can give you the gift of salvation? Jesus

Who do the Ten Commandments point to? Jesus

Who is the Creator of everything? Jesus

Who will return one day? Jesus

Who walked the Earth? Jesus

Who is the only object of Faith that matters? Jesus

What is the point of this post? Jesus

Do you know the Real Jesus Christ of the Bible?

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