Saturday, January 5, 2013

Waste of Time

Waste of Time?

To each of you who have commented on Facebook, Twitter and by email, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your encouraging words in regards to my carrying a cross. My family has been so blessed by your words of support.

 I pray that this post will encourage and help some of you when told the following or something similar.
I will not divulge the whos in this but needless to say I should not have been surprised by the comments. Keep in mind all of the following came from professing

Quote 1: "You are wasting your time sitting out in that cold and wind making a fool of yourself with that cross. It will not make a difference."
Quote 2: "Evangelism is only for those who are called and trained."
Quote 3: "You look like and idiot in that picture, take it off the web."
There were a few more but these three are the ones I choose to address here.
To the ones that made the comments. First, I do not respond to such in Direct Messages or Private Messages. I will refrain from telling your user name and or real name but know this. If you would like to state such in open, I will be more than happy to discuss the issue with you.

My response to #1. Do you hunt? The type does not matter, whether it be small game, big game or fowl. Do you fish? Do you go to ball games, of any type. 
What is more foolish, sitting with a cross praying for souls and wanting to proclaim Christ, or any of the a fore mentioned. How much time have any of you spent sitting in the woods or in a stadium, in the cold and in the rain? If so, what do you have to show for it now. Bragging rights, maybe a trophy mount. In 100, 50, 15 or even a year from now, how much of that time will you be able to remember?

I would imagine every person that has been saved from an eternity in Hell, recalls every second of when they were blessed with salvation. To sum up, yes I pray to live out Romans 1:16. Even more, I pray anyone reading this would.

Christ said if you deny Him on Earth He will deny you to the Father. I would rather look like a fool any day of the week "wasting" my time for Christ, than being seen as relevant or wise to the world.
If only more Christians would engage in witnessing and proclaiming Christ, perhaps there would not truly be so much time actually wasted in pursuit of trivial worldy matters. While those activities are relaxing to some and viewed as entertainment by others when they take the place of Jesus Christ, they are your god. 

Response to #2: You are correct. It is called the Great Commission. Jesus commanded all Christians to go into the world and make disciples. This is only done by first sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, if you are a truly born again Christian. You received your calling the moment you put your Trust in Christ and submitted to him and in such agreed to obey. We don't only obey what we are comfortable with or only what we want to obey. Christ requires it all. We are commanded to Go, this is an action word. It translates and literally means. GO!

Response #3: Nope. Get over it. If you don't like the picture of me fine. If you don't like the cross, you have bigger problems and larger issues than me sitting there with it.
I hate to think that some who call themselves "Christian" for whatever reason, imply the following was a waste of time. Christ came to seek and save the lost. Sharing His gospel is among other things, meant to be a blessing to a bunch of unworthy foolish wretches saved from an eternity in Hell. 

Dear Friends. don't let anyone ever tell you what you are doing to proclaim the gospel of our Lord and Christ is a waste of time. When we deny a blessing given to us by God, in essence we are throwing it back at the face of God and telling Him to keep his lousy blessing.
We don't want or need it because it doesn't fit into our perfect little world. So many want God put in their perfect little box. They want to tell God what to do instead of bowing down in His Holiness and praying. "Oh Lord what would you have me do." One is submission, one is flat out blasphemy.

 Waste of Time, I think Not, I so pray for more time to "waste" for my glorious King.‎

"O think, that he who was master of all heaven’s majesty came down to be the victim of all man’s misery!"---C.H. Spurgeon.


  1. Amazing. Just amazing. These people consider themselves Christians?

  2. Praise The Lord, Richard! Evangelism is for every Christian that has been washed in the blood of Jesus! Those who are in opposition have no position to oppose our position! I was told one time by a fellow "Christian" that it was stupid for me to be standing outside a bar preaching! One time I was holding a sign on a street corner when a woman stopped to tell me that it had blessed her! She was going through a lot and needed some comfort. God had put me on that corner to minister to her through that sign! No telling how many have been touched through your efforts! The opposers may have never passed out a tract in their life. Their view of ministry is skewed! They are not looking the harvest field like we are! Jesus said in Luke 10:2 - Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.
    I want to be one of the few! Thanks for posting! Let's keep working the fields of souls! God bless!!

    1. Scott you are correct, one of the main reasons to be out preaching the gospel and witnessing is for the love of our brethren. Nothing makes me more joyful than to witness another believer sharing Christ and preaching His glorious gospel.

  3. Great post, brother. I can't help but wonder: what to THEY do to help spread the same gospel that "apparently" brought them to salvation? Glory to God for your faithfulness, Richard.

  4. Keep it up brother for the glory of God through Jesus Christ and love of His Sheep! :-)


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