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Tony Miano and Women Open-Air Preaching

Tony Miano and Women Open-Air Preaching

Brethren of the Biblical Evangelism Community, this is written specifically to you. I chose to write this in a blog post as it would be too long for a post on Facebook.

I ask you to consider and deeply think over a few things. Why is Tony’s thought process changing in regards to women involved in various aspects of street ministry? Could there perhaps be some deeper issues going on? I’ve read the postings and not once has Tony said a woman would be sinning if she open-aired preached. Not once has he even hinted he thought any woman was sinning in the way she was evangelizing.

Tony has been a respected, trusted leader, teacher, mentor and friend to most all of you. One thing many of you have loved about him was his frankness and tenacious ways of standing for Truth and defending the Faith. Do you throw all that out the window now? Could it be some feathers are ruffled at the subject hitting a little too close to home? Do you feel like Tony is telling you that for all this time you have been doing evangelism wrong? Well guess what, this is how the other side of Christianity feels when we approach them with Biblical Evangelism. They perceive it as we are attacking the way they are doing evangelism. They see it as someone thinking they know more than they do. They don’t stop and think about the amount of time, study, prayer and reading in the Bible. All they hear and see is someone saying “You’re Wrong in the way you are doing it.” Have you had resistance in getting your church or Christians friends on board in Biblical Evangelism? If so, then perhaps at this moment you know exactly how they feel. Perhaps this should be time to reflect on the perception the BE community is putting across to the Churches. Perhaps you should search yourself and the way you have approached your church and Christian friends in regards to evangelism. How has your tone and demeanor been when approaching them? Has it been an attitude of you’re wrong and I’m right?

Perhaps instead of condemning, you should be searching and asking why. Instead of slamming, accusing and you’re wrong, open up scripture and read and stuffy for yourself. When a person reaches a point where he or she thinks they know everything and are not willing to listen and discuss an issue, they need to step back and spend some time in private prayer with God. If this point arises their pride is clouding the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Do I think a woman should OAP as the term is applied to street ministry, I will tell you now. I don’t know. I’ve read what many have had to say on it from both sides. I’ve been going through scripture, reading and praying for God’s will to be revealed on the subject. The conclusion I have is, I don’t know. There is scriptural basis to support both sides. In the beginning Tony stated this is his “Opinion” to take what he says and open the word and read what God has to say for yourself. He is not throwing something together on the whim of a moment. He is spending some hard dedicated hours into searching out what God has to say on this. He is risking much for his love of not only the word of Christ but for you, his brethren that he loves so very much. Would you rather have a silent Tony on a subject God has been teaching something new to him, or one like you’ve always known, a Tony that will speak the truth on any subject no matter the cost. Do you think for a moment Tony would take such a stand on a whim and without deep consideration and deep prayer?

I will say based on some responses I’ve read, there are men and women who both would do better to remain silent and not step atop a box. The reactions at times have been, spiteful, hateful and worldly. When someone can not have what they want they either pout and complain or erupt and say things they should not. Some even seem to be more concerned with their wallets than what scripture truly has to say on the matter. I think one reason for such an uproar over this even before it is published is simple. People are scared they are wrong, not that Tony is wrong. Don’t let your pride or wallet cloud your discernment.

This was not to be an issue to divide brethren over but to further all our understanding on an issue that has long been ignored. Ignored because no one spent the dedicated time in researching the matter to the fullest and then been willing to stand on what was learned.

Tony is no different than he ever has been, the difference is you just may not like what he is saying this time. I think we all owe it Tony to at least wait and see what he discovers and comes up with.

We are to nourish and train up one another in all love, patience, kindness and understanding. Have you been doing that, well have you?

I know what many may think about me, I’m right in there with Tony and will go along with whatever he says. Nope, you’re wrong. I love Tony enough to tell him when I think he is wrong, but it would and will never be done in an open forum. Then it would be from a Bible point of view, not my own opinion. The Bible tells us to take our disagreements to the one in private. I’ve seen little being done in private in all of this. My allegiance is to God and His word first. If Tony were to ever get into any type of heretical thinking or teaching, I’d be the first to tell him. As far as his book goes, I’ve taken a wait and see approach. One can not comment on something he doesn’t have all the facts on. I guess a person could but then that wouldn’t be very biblical, now would it.

Tony on more than one occasion explained why he posted the content that he did. He was trying to make the information be such that was presented in the most precise way and would cover all the surrounding issues. Did he make a mistake by doing that? Probably, but how many times do you expect him to apologize for it? If you’re not willing to accept his apology then tell him, but in private.

If he gets a little zealous in the truths he is discovering then let it be. Don’t you get excited when the Lord blesses you by opening your eyes and hearts to something new? Don’t be so impatient, the book will come along and we all will be able to read it at some point. He has put together a very learned team to dissect his book, line by line and then a couple of other Very high learned pastors and teachers to scrutinize it. All this will be done before the book is ever available. I have no doubt these trusted men will find and point out anything that does not align with scripture.

Tony is human, Tony is excited about writing this book. Tony loves the Lord and the Bible more than any other man I’ve been around. He has done so much for so many, can’t we extend to him the same grace? Love him and help him and encourage him and most importantly pray for him. Let the book rise or fall on its own merit but don’t jump to conclusions and state he is wrong before you even know what the content is.

Brethren, we don’t have to always agree on everything to serve or Lord but we are to serve our Lord in a way that honors God. Let’s try to remember that and do it from this point forward.

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