Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skinny Jean Gripe of the Day

Borrowing the phrase from my good friend and brother Tony Miano, “Skinny Jeans” This is my Skinny Jean Gripe of the day.

First I will define the term Skinny Jeans as it is applied in the above. Basically it is the Society's attempt at the Sissification of the males of our world. Men are to lead, not to act like women or take on an effeminate role. 

I just watched one of the most Skinny Jean ads I've ever seen. It was for some hair removal product. The normal scenario, women talking about various forms of hair removal and how this product works so great. Then from nowhere, a burly looking, muscled up guy covered in some type of tribal tattoo around his massive bicep, demonstrating the product. That was not the disturbing portion; that came in when he said something of the effect, “It’s so painless and works much better than waxing." Then they proceed to show a guy removing the hair from his chest. REALLY??? Whatever happened to men being men? I mean if you’re covered in fur like the Wolfman is one thing but these guys were trying to be “Smooth and Appealing!”

The current attempt at the feminization of men to downgrade the God given role of men as the leaders of church and home, it’s disgusting. To make matters worse, not long ago one of my kids came home from school talking about some high school boys shaving their legs.

Why not just go ahead and issue aprons and petticoats and tell the future and current men of the day, “Here’s your new uniform, now go and play with your Barbies.” 

It's time for men to start acting like men again. Lead Like a Man!

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