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Should She Preach, A Personal Reflection

Right out of the gate I will warn you what I write will not be received very openly by many. While I make the following statement here, my hope is you will read further to understand the why. “Should She Preach” is written primarily for those in the biblical street ministry circles, it carries far greater implications for all Christians. While the research, study and writing is not only extremely meticulously done and shows a tremendous amount of biblical scholastic precision, it reflects a tremendous amount of love staking work. You can almost feel the heart of the writer being poured out as he writes to those he truly loves. My only objection is the content didn’t delve deeper into the far greater implications of how all Christians should not only approach church and ministry, but all aspects of life as to a woman’s true biblical role.

I will cover this more later.

Before I address the topic of the day, the new book by Tony Miano, I’d like to direct your attention to a previous post. On June 7, 2013 I wrote an article titled "Tony Miano and Women Open-Air Preaching" about the soon to be written "Should She Preach." I share this so you the reader may see how my thinking has changed since my participation with the book.  

Tony had only mentioned the thought of writing this book and turmoil erupted by many at the mere thought. People took many different approaches to the subject, some applauded, some criticized and some took a wait and see approach. I was in the camp of the latter.

It was a subject I’d never considered. I had never seen a woman open air preach in person. I couldn’t see why there was such a big deal over the matter. It wasn’t like there were droves of women lining up to speak up. I couldn’t think of a single brother that opened air preached whose wife did so as well. I knew of maybe one or two whose wives read from the Bible in the open air but that was it.

In fact, at the start I tried everything under the sun to prove from the Bible that it should be okay for a woman to open air preach. The reason was simple and personal. I had hoped to see my wife and daughter get up on the box and proclaim Christ. I encouraged them to do so, even if it was to only read the back of a gospel tract. I wanted to see them proclaim Christ loudly and boldly like all “good” Christians should. This post is much more than a simple book review to me, because the Truth of God’s Word is so much more and so much deeper than we can ever reach this side of Heaven.

Over the course of time the book came together, I was blessed to be part of not only the peer review team but in some aspects of the research itself. During this point of the book being written, I was searching for answers to my own questions as well as answers to questions by those that were sending in theirs. Many emails that came through would cause me to think, “That’s it.” That is the verse that will justify what "I am wanting." That will give me something to show my wife she should and could OAP. She had already known all along she shouldn’t and wouldn’t.

I would take the verse, compare it to what Tony had written and compare it to the study notes he provided and look to scripture. Time after time the same conclusion would form as much as I may not have liked it. Tony is right, women should not be open air preaching. All of this transpired unbeknownst to him. I was still at a point where I wasn’t sure, but was sure of what I hoped to find.

The book came together a little more each day and Tony would share verses and what he had gleaned in his studies. With each passing moment I came to the hard realization. His findings are correct.

So here I’m at a point of what do I do? I know what the Bible truly says about this and I don’t like it. I don't want to agree or see it. It doesn’t fit into what "I want." Do I submit to the Word of God or try to make yet further excuses for not submitting to scripture. I did the only thing I knew to do. I prayed and asked God to reveal His Truth in the scriptures and then read through it all again. My eyes opened to the reality I didn’t want to confess. The Bible makes it abundantly clear as to the God given roles of men and women.

All of this cumulated into my final decision, “I could care less whether women open air preached or not.” Because any thing I thought or wanted in regards to the subject didn’t mean a hill of beans. The only thing that mattered was what the Word of God said on the subject.

Dear friends you have to realize during the time of the New Testament there wasn’t indoor and outdoor preaching, there was just preaching, period.

This led to searching my mind, soul and heart to the deeper meaning of all of this. Who has taught us women can do everything that men can do. Who has pushed so hard to convince us that we’re equal in all ways. Well the sad and disturbing answer is; the same ones that have taught for decades, abortion was healthcare, that homosexuality was okay and that evolution was truth. Yes, this same secular ungodly mindset has been at work in attempting to undermine the very pivotal foundation of Christianity, the home.

Was it not Satan himself that said, “Truly God didn’t say that” Is it not Satan that says today, “Truly God did mean for men and women to be equal”

The startling reality is this folks. You’ve been programmed for the last 60 years to think in a feministic one for all, where anything goes for men and women. First, strip away all the secular preconceived notions in your mind, and let the Word of God truly teach you.

The truth that many will not want to admit is this; not only should women not preach in a pulpit or on a box but Christian women should not hold a place of authority over any man, in any setting. The norm of today was not so a 100 years ago. You didn’t see women in male-ship roles of law enforcement, judges, lawyers, professors, combat soldiers or politicians. In fact not a single woman signed any declaration in the founding of this country. Women leading men and having authority over men is not biblical. Christian women should not be in roles of authority over men in any setting.

I encourage you to listen to the following sermon by Paul Washer which will provide greater clarity to what has been written here. While the sermon is titled, "What a Man is Not" much of the content has application in this discussion.


To my dear and beloved brethren reading this, put your pride aside, put your opinions aside and realize it’s time to fight against the false teachings of the culture. It’s time to stand for all of the Truths in the Bible, it’s time to return to “Biblical Christianhood” in every aspect of your life.

I will be happy to reply to any and all comments, given the one leaving the comment has listened to this audio by Paul Washer, specifically the first 25 minutes.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a Christian I ask you, have you considered what happens when a person dies? Are you ready to stand before God and give an account of your life? Please, I beg you watch and deeply consider the following, "Are You Ready?"

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  1. Good post. It is always refreshing and encouraging when a brother confesses that he was wrong and had to change his mind on an issue in order to be in line with scripture.

    Good point about Satan being the author of all the lies we believe.

    BTW, I'm super proud of you, brother, for figuring out how to embed a SA audio in your post! :)


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