Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gay Preacher Seeking Cybersex Hears the Gospel

Having recently read the transcript and listened to the audio of
How To Witness To A Homosexual 
The timing of the chat conversation I had was nothing less than providential.

My normal "Fishing Pond" is a couple of online chat rooms. I tend to go fishing at these Coral Reefs at the wee hours of the morning. A time of day when most of the people you encounter are either looking for illicit talk or are people that are desperately lonely and in need of someone to talk to. I call them Coral Reefs because like a Coral Reef in the ocean, you never know what you may catch but it is bound to be colorful.

The following is an overview of what may have been the strangest, weirdest conversation I have had yet, online or in person.

Just as the title states, the stranger on the other end claimed he was a homosexual preacher, not only that he was married to a lesbian. He was trolling this particular chat room looking for another male to "pick up" for a cyber-sex exchange. I regret not having copied a transcript of the conversation. I confess I was left so unprepared by the exchange, at the moment when the encounter ended, it never crossed my mind.

Let this be your first lesson, if you learn anything from this. At the very least copy and paste each online chat encounter for future reference. This will serve to help you improve in your online witnessing presentation and in the event you have a conversation like the one I am about to describe, you will have it to share if you so desire.

 The typical conversations I have on this particular chat site typically start out with the stranger asking A/S or some vulgarity right off the bat. Knowing I only have one perhaps to two times to respond before they click off, I usually lead in with asking if they have watched 180Movie.com This serves two purposes. They will either respond with asking what it is or if they immediately leave, at least they have been shared the link. Either way the link and the site had been shared with them. Now that GeniusTheMovie is out and available for free viewing I plan to start asking if they have viewed it. 

This particular time after being asked about my age and gender, I responded with male and looking for conversation. They inquired as to what type and then stated their intentions of looking for another man to exchange, lets just say some non-christian words with. I started off with asking them why they were looking for such. The following I will relay in a transcript form, pulling at best from my memory as to what was said. This will not be a word for word account but it will hold the same meaning.

Stranger: I am gay and I want to have some online fun and maybe exchange some pictures.

Me: Well, I am straight and a Christian but I will be happy to discuss some other topic with you. Have you seen 180movie.com?

Stranger: Cool, I'm a Christian to and happen to be a preacher at a church.

Me: What type of church is it?

Stranger: It is actually a conservative church.

Me: How do you pastor a church and they know you are a homosexual.

Stranger: They don't know I am

Me: Are you married?

Stranger: Yes

Me: to a man or a woman

Stranger: Woman

Me: I thought you said you were homosexual

Stranger: I am and she is a lesbian. We met at college and I knew I would never get a job as a pastor if they knew this about me. I have had to keep it hidden for many years.

Me: How long have you been a pastor?

Stranger: about 13 years and at this church for 5 years. So, you interested in something more than this?

Me: Well, you never answered my question? Have you watched 180Movie.com

Stranger: No, what's it about?

Me: It compares the Holocaust in America to the Holocaust that happened in Germany in the 30's and 40's.

Stranger: What is it an anti-gay film about how Christians hate homosexuals?

Me: Nope, it is about unborn babies and the fact there have been over 50 million killed in America since the 60's.

Stranger: I didn't know it was that many, I know many get an abortion but not that many. I actually am against abortion, let me go watch it. Can you wait and talk with me some more.

Me: Yes, will you be back.

Stranger: Yes.

Stranger: I am about halfway into it, wow. Who's the guy with the mustache?

Me: His name is Ray Comfort

Stranger: OK, I think I've heard of him.

Stranger: OK, I have watched all of it.

Me: What did you think of it?

Stranger: Well, it confirmed some of what I already knew, it's not right to kill an unborn baby. Many homosexual couples would adopt if people didn't look down on the way of life so much.

Me: Why do you care what people think?

Stranger: Your not going to slam me for being a Homosexual or call me names, that's what normally happens when a person claims they are a Christian and they find out, I'm one.

Me: Do you care what people think.

Stranger: Well, I do if it will cost me my job.

Me: What job?

Stranger: Being a pastor

Me: Why is that, what basis do they have to condemn your lifestyle.

Stranger: Closed Minded

Me: Could it be the fact that you are a pastor and yet are homosexual?

Stranger: What's that got to do with it.

Me: Aren't you married?

Stranger: Yes

Me: What does the Bible say about committing adultery?

Stranger: Nothing much in the Old Testament it was a violation of Mosaic Law but the New Testament did away with all of that.

Me: Where did you get that from.

Stranger: I just  know

Me: How do you know

Stranger: I studied and the NT references on such have no baring on my situation. Jesus never mentioned homosexuality.

Me: I didn't ask you about that, I asked what does the Bible say about adultery. Read Matthew 5:27-30

Stranger: Like I said it doesn't apply to me. That is about a man's wife sleeping around on him. Nothing is mentioned about homosexuality. I don't desire women. Your just trying to be judgmental and condemn my life.

Me: No I'm not. I'm just pointing you to what the Word of God you profess to be a teacher of says.

Stranger: Well, I don't think you are.

Me: OK, are you a Christian?

Stranger: Yes

Me: Read Matthew 7:21 Not everyone who claims to know Christ actually are saved.

Stranger: Well, I am

Me: How do you know, if you died tonight are you sure you would go to Heaven?

Stranger: I'm pretty sure.

Me: You need to know for sure. The Bible makes it clear that so much as one lie, one time breaking any of God's Moral laws will be grounds for punishment. That punishment is an eternity in Hell. If you have told so much as 1 lie then you are guilty. God sees all sin as a crime against Him. Jesus came to pay for our crimes against God. He was born a man, lived and was nailed to a cross, He was always God and man at the same time. He died was buried and then rose again, all this was so people like us that have sinned against God could be saved and go to Heaven. You may think you know lots of things but you have to make sure what you think you know is true. Salvation is a gift from God, Jesus called for repentance and faith. Repentance means to turn away from your sin and turn towards God. Have you ever done any of that.

Stranger: Well, no, not like that. I said a prayer in a revival when I was a teenager and the minister told me I was saved.

Me: Plus, do you realize by being a teacher of the Word of God you stand in greater damnation if you lead the ones in your church wrong. You admit you are lying to them about your life.

Stranger: I'm leaving, I don't like where this conversation is going. I'm not feeling so well.

Me: Please think about these things and watch all of 180Movie.

Stranger: I will think about it.

He left at this point. Whether I could have said some things different or done better at trying to keep him engaged, I have no idea. I do know, this was one of the few times while using this site as a platform for witnessing, someone looking for cyber-sex actually stayed engaged in conversation this long.

Regardless of what you think about how I handled this conversation, I ask that you please pray for this confused man. That he may be given the gift of salvation. If you are reading this and any of this applies to you, please think about what is listed here and ask yourself, "If I died in 8 minutes, would I go to Heaven or Hell?" Please read Need God

For more information about homosexuality read here Homosexual Truths

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