Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Mr. Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Our country is facing a multitude of issues in this day both social and economical in nature. Some of these include; guns, abortion, same-sex marriage, economy, loss of jobs, inflation, rising fuel cost, etc. Needless to say our country is facing challenges today that, well is a challenge.

No two people in this country agree on how to fix everything. Each deems what affects them the most as the most important. My answer to all of the problems is simple. Take those pay increases you gave yourself and congress, take all the waste in spending, take all the money you are giving to the enemies of this country, take all of it and do the following. 
You claim to be a Christian, well I can't see into your heart, so I will take your word on it. 

What is a Christian? What is the duty of a Christian? You either have to admit the following or confess to either not knowing what a True Christian is or admit you are living the life of a Hypocrite.

The two Greatest Commands given to all mankind by the One True God of the Christian Faith are, Love God with all your heart, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. You can't cherry pick what you will and will not obey in the The Word of God.

Have you ever heard of The Great Commission? In case you haven't it is in the book of Matthew. It is known as one of the gospels. It is in the first part of the New Testament. The Great Commission is a Command from Jesus Christ, who was and is the son of God and was God in the flesh. He was both fully God and fully man, He lived a perfect sinless life. He gave the Great Commission as both a blessing and as a command for all Christians to follow. With this in mind and what was stated in the first part of this article, Take all that wasted money, and use it to fund the Biblical Street Preachers throughout this country. The following will help you learn and understand what a Biblical Street Preacher is, and what this preacher would be teaching. What is a Street Preacher

Here is further evidence that Street Preachers are biblical and not only that, they are in the Christian Bible, remember it is your own words that you claim to be a Christian. Biblical Examples of Street Preaching

So to sum up dear sir, You claim to be a Christian, as such you are commanded by a higher Power, known as the One and Only True God and He is the God of the Christian Bible to help ensure the Gospel spreads. You in fact have been allowed to be in office by this same God. So, do what you have been commanded by your God, fulfill the Great Commission. This country has enough problems, so study and make sure your are not helping proliferate the spread of heresy and apostate teaching that is being infused into this land by some of those you call friend. Help fund the Biblical Street Preachers of this  land. You will find it would require far less money than what you are spending on your raises. They want to serve others and get the gospel shared. The True Street Preachers will suffer to ease the suffering of others, the Street Preachers will sacrifice so those in need will have. Mostly they are devoted to the Truth of God's Word and seeing true, hope, and change come about in the hearts, lives, souls and eternity for all.

So please help those who are helping share hope for eternity. You are prayed for Mr. Obama and any Biblical Street Preacher in this land would love a chance to share the Hope of Christ with You. All you would have to do is say yes.

With Prayers of Hope for Your Eternity,

A Handi-Able Street Preacher

P,S. If you need a list of Street Preachers to talk with, I would be happy to provide such list of ones that are sharing the True Word of God.

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