Friday, January 18, 2013

Christian Outcasts

Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about Street Evangelism, but never thought or wanted to ask.

When you read or hear the term "Street Preaching or Street Evangelism" what do you picture? Perhaps, it's a man screaming at some woman as she walks by calling her some derogatory name. Maybe it's a group like Westboro  Baptist Church. Neither represent what Biblical Street Preaching is.

Street Preaching or Street Evangelism is as old as the Bible itself. Street preaching has never been popular, either inside or outside the church. Open-air preaching and street evangelism has never been culturally relevant or socially acceptable.  But street preaching is biblical.

Below are articles that explain what street evangelism in its various forms is, and what it is not. You will find articles that will equip and encourage you to engage in street evangelism and open-air preaching. You will also find a series of street preaching tips. And you will find articles dealing with issues regarding street preaching and providing answers for those issues.

Read through these articles and learn the truth about this area of Evangelism. CARM on Street Preaching

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