Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creating Information

Where did the movie on a DVD come from? Then can a blank DVD write itself? No, information can not create itself. Information can not come from nothing. Does DNA contain information? So then it would be impossible for DNA to exist without the information contained within it. So where did the information come from? There had to be an intelligence that designed and applied that information in order for the strands of DNA to exist.
You know in your heart how DNA was created. You have suppressed that truth. If the Creator of all life and the originator of the information that wrote the codes and tied the strands of DNA together has the power to create you, then wouldn't it be reasonable to conclude He created everything? Once again for there to be information there has to be a creator of said information.
Are you open minded enough to read on? Have you ever told a lie? I don't believe you. You may not believe it is a sin but it doesn't negate the Truth.
My friend it doesn't matter what you believe, the only thing that matters is whether or not what you believe is true. The truth is you will die one day. You can't deny or suppress that truth.
What happens then? When you die you will stand before God, the Creator of all things, and give an account of your life. If you've ever lied, stolen or taken His name in vain, He will find you guilty of breaking His laws which is sin. God will look at all the information of your life both in thought and deed and find you guilty. This will not be a chance to defend yourself, it will be a sentencing. The penalty for breaking His law is an Eternity in Hell. But God is merciful, loving and kind in that He provided a way for you to escape that punishment and that was through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus was both fully God and Fully man and lived a life free of sin. He never once broke one Law in thought word or deed. Jesus Christ went to a cross and was crucified and died a horrible death in order that you may be saved from the wrath of God's punishment of breaking His laws. Jesus died and was buried then rose from the grave forever defeating sin and death and is now at the right hand of the Father. Jesus will return at a time of the Father's choosing. What is required is you repent, turn from your sin and turn to Christ and by faith and faith alone receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
Do it today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. You know you will die one day. That is information you can't deny.

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