Saturday, December 15, 2012

Empathy and Newtown Shooting

What is truly an expression of a lack of empathy is the actions of some of the media. I have watched some of the coverage on news channels and have seen some of the pictures that reporters posted. One would think that at a time of such a tragedy, there would be a little more compassion and sympathy on the part of media covering the events.
It sickens me to see a microphone shoved in the face of a crying man while cradling his children. It sickens me to see a woman trying to get her children away from the scene and a reporter, who seems to be in pursuit, trying to get a statement from her. It sickens me to see these children who just underwent such a traumatic experience, having photos snapped of them while being lead out of the school.
These same children while being photographed were at times screaming, crying and in a state of hysteria. How many of these children, after this, have had to deal with a plethora of reporters trying to interview them.  
All this epitomizes the truth of man cares not but for his own self interest. If it will benefit them or further their cause, everything is open game. For proof click here:Swarming Vultures

Some of these media outlets are quick to blame everything and everyone for this abominable act. Everyone and everything but the one that is truly at blame.
Man himself.
One reporter stated, "The devil came to Newtown." No he didn't. He's been there all along, just like everywhere else on Earth.

There is but one solution, there is but one thing that will change these types of things from happening. The One True Whole, Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Share it Today in Boldness, Truth and Love. 

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