Monday, March 17, 2014

Sanctified in Their Suffering

There is nothing like watching someone you love suffering in pain. The feeling of being left helpless to do anything to remove the torment so evident upon a face drives the helplessness even deeper. But helplessness does not mean hopelessness. The depths of helplessness is where we as Christians should find the most hope. These are the times we realize we are truly helpless to do anything apart from Jesus Christ.
If you face a time of despair, pain, and longing to help someone you love, if there is absolutely nothing you can do to ease their pain or bring comfort to their torment, remember the One that can. Share the gospel with the one you love. Perhaps the Lord is using this time of trial and pain to open their heart to the gospel. But their suffering may actually edify you. For while we weep at the pain, what do we do? As a Christian, not being able to physically or emotionally bring consolation, we do have a better way. God may be using your feelings of worthlessness and helplessness to drive you to your knees at His feet. The prayer and supplications you make to God on behalf of the one you love for ease of pain, bring God glory. Through any and all circumstances God is glorified!
Through times of family turmoil, sickness and pain, remember God is in control. Perhaps your spouse is suffering from a disease or sickness, and there is nothing you can do to take away their pain and suffering. Perhaps you have a wayward child that has fallen into the wiles of worldliness. Perhaps this child even once made a profession of faith but now the fruit that shows, seems of wax, a worldly copy of the original. Remember brethren these times leave us helpless for a reason: they remind us that we are not in control but God is. These are the times for deep trust and deep faith and a realization that no matter what befalls us, God has ordained the outcome. Nothing within our lives is beyond His control. So, when the times of helplessness come, count it as a blessing. If not for those times would we be reminded of our great and desperate need for our Master and be reminded of His promises?

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  1. Thanks, brother. These are true words for any time, and all Christians likely will face some issue where they will be forced to confront their own feelings/beliefs on the matter!


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